Free $500 Cash Out Promotion for ERA New Sign Ups – Terms and Conditions


  • To be eligible to use the free $500 cash out redemption code, the property agent has to sign up for a LytePay account between 22 June 2023 to 22 July 2023.
  • This promotion is only applicable to registered property agents from ERA.
  • The property agent must first sign up and have their accounts verified with LytePay before they are eligible to use the redemption code.
  • Cash outs made with the redemption code are subject to a sufficient LyteMoney balance. 
  • The redemption code is applicable for a minimum cash out of $500.
  • The property agent may cash out more than $500 within the same transaction, but the standard cash out fee of 4.5% will be applicable after the first $500.
  • The redemption code is strictly non-transferable and can only be used for cash outs with LytePay.
  • Failure to fulfil any one of the above terms will result in the property agent’s ineligibility to participate in this promotion.
  • Lyte reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to terminate this promotion at any time, and/or vary the terms and conditions governing this promotion from time to time. Lyte’s decision on all matters relating to this promotion will be at its reasonable discretion and will be final and binding on all customers. This promotion is not valid with other promotions unless otherwise expressly stated.

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