Maximise Your Tax Relief and Secure Your Financial Future with Our Financial Calculator!

At Lyte, our goal is to be your partner in securing your financial future. As such, we’ve prepared a useful tool which takes the guesswork out of CPF, and helps you make informed decisions on how to maximise tax relief and grow a nest egg through CPF top-ups.

With our calculator, there’s no need for complicated calculations and research. Simply choose from a selection of goals to see the ways you can harness CPF to optimise your financial planning. From meeting the mandatory MediSave contributions to becoming a CPF-millionaire, we’ve got you covered!

To make topping-up seamless, choose to cash out your commissions for CPF before the deadline of 11:59pm on 27 Dec, and we’ll directly transfer the funds into your CPF account by 29 Dec – no need to use your cash on hand or pay out of pocket. What’s more, we’re offering an exclusive discounted processing fee of just 3% (usual 4.5%) – our strongest offer this year – on any amount, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free LytePay account and step into the new year with confidence and control over your finances!

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