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With your achievements, you deserve the finest. It is time to let Boost ascend your wealth.

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Your wealth on autopilot

Multiply your wealth, effortlessly

While you hustle, we will ensure your commissions hustle harder.

Guaranteed Cash Rewards of up to 6%*

Simply Boost a min. of S$20,000 of your commissions to start earning Cash Rewards.

*T&Cs apply.

Zero fees, maximum gains

Transparency is our policy. There are no service nor hidden fees to use Boost.

Flexible choice of commitment

Choose from a commitment period of 90, 270, or 365 days and watch your wealth grow.

^The rates are quoted based on 365 days, and will be prorated based on your selected commitment period.

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How does Boost work?

01Indicate your interest

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02Create an account

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Once we receive your full commission amount from ERA, you will start earning Cash Rewards from Boost within 1 business day.

04Enjoy cash rewards

Receive your Boosted commission and Cash Rewards in your Lyte-registered bank account within 3 business days after the Boost End Date.

Submit Interest to Boost

Who can participate in Boost?

LytePay users

Sign up for an account if you are not an existing user

Have eligible transactions

You have at least 1 Resale or Project transaction with more than $20,000 in commission to be received

$0 Owing to Lyte

You do not have any outstanding cash outs

Frequently Asked Questions

Boost is a rewards program by Lyte, where you can enjoy Cash Rewards of up to 6% on the Boosted Amount upon completion of a Commitment Period.

As long as you have an eligible and/or upcoming Resale and/or Project transaction, and do not have any amount owing to Lyte, you will be eligible to participate in Boost.

The Cash Rewards are quoted based on 365 days, and will be prorated based on the selected commitment period, as follows:

  • 90 days: 4% Cash Reward
  • 270 days: 5.25% Cash Reward
  • 365 days: 6% Cash Reward

The Cash Reward of 4-6% is based on the amount you choose to Boost and the commitment period. It will then be prorated over the commitment period up to 365 days.

For example, if you choose to Boost an amount of $100,000, which gives 6% Cash Reward for a commitment period of 365 days, you will receive $106,000 at the end of the commitment period.

If you wish to withdraw your Boosted commissions before the end of the commitment period, the principal amount that was Boosted will be subjected to an early withdrawal fee of 3% and your Boost reward will be forfeited.

After you submit your Boost early withdrawal request, you will receive the funds in your Lyte-registered bank account within 3 business days.

The minimum amount to Boost per transaction is $20,000.

More help in our FAQ