Lyte Vehicle Concierge

Lyte Vehicle Concierge Terms & Conditions

1. By using Lyte Vehicle Concierge, you acknowledge and agree to these Lyte Vehicle Concierge Terms & Conditions (“LVC Terms & Conditions”). You also agree to Lyte Ventures’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

2. LytePay Pte Ltd (“Lyte”) works with partners to provide LytePay users with the Lyte Vehicle Concierge. However, LytePay users will still need to comply with the respective terms and conditions of Lyte’s partners should the LytePay user choose to utilise the Lyte Vehicle Concierge.

3. Lyte does not make any warranties or representations on the quality, fitness for use or service(s) of our partners.

4. Lyte acts purely as a referee to Lyte’s partners. Contracts entered are directly between LytePay users and Lyte’s partners, Lyte is not a party to the contract and all rights and obligations are only between the LytePay user and Lyte’s partners.

5. A LytePay user may utilise their LyteMoney to purchase a vehicle of their choice with no processing fee for vehicles priced up to $70,000. Vehicles priced above $70,000 may incur a processing fee based on the vehicle model and loan details.

6. The Lyte Vehicle Concierge will be available to selected LytePay users only and will run for a period as advertised by Lyte. Lyte also reserves the right to amend, add to and remove any of these terms and conditions at its own discretion without notice.

7. By using Lyte Vehicle Concierge, the LytePay user consents to Lyte’s provision of the LytePay user’s personal data for the purposes of providing the LytePay user the Lyte Vehicle Concierge service(s).