January 2024 Referral Promotion – Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is valid from 10 January 2024 to 18 February 2024.
  • This promotion is only applicable to registered property agents from ERA and PropNex who fulfil the promotion eligibility criteria as determined by LytePay Pte Ltd (“LytePay”).
  • “Referrer” is defined as an agent who is an existing user of LytePay, and refers potential new users (referees) to LytePay during the campaign period.
  • “Referee” is a registered property agent from ERA or PropNex who is introduced to LytePay by a referrer.


  • To qualify as a successful referrer: the agent must ensure that (i) they are an existing LytePay user and their bank statement has been uploaded before the campaign end date; and (ii) the referee(s) is/are registered property agent(s) from either ERA or PropNex and does not have a pre-existing LytePay account.
  • For every successful referral, the referrer will receive a cash reward of $30. For every 5 successful referrals, the referrer will receive a bonus cash reward of $50.
  • The cash reward for the referrer will be credited within 4 weeks from the campaign end date into the bank account as per the bank statement uploaded in LytePay’s records.


  • To qualify as a successful referee: the agent must ensure that (i) they sign up for a LytePay account during the campaign period using the referral link or code provided by the referrer; and (ii) complete their agency verification before the campaign end date.
  • Should a referee be referred twice, the cash reward will be awarded to the first referrer who submitted the referee’s details captured in LytePay’s records.
  • Upon successful completion of sign up and agency verification, the referee will receive a $500 Free Cash Out Voucher within 1 week, via their email in LytePay’s record. The Free Cash Out Voucher is valid on the agent’s first cash out only.
  • The redemption code is only applicable for a minimum cash out of $500 in one transaction. The redemption code can only be used once.
  • The referee must have their account verified with LytePay and upload their bank statement before they are eligible to cash out or use the redemption code.
  • The discount from the redemption code must be manually applied upon cash out, and is subject to the property agent having a sufficient LyteMoney balance on LytePay’s Application to cash out from.
  • The property agent may cash out more than the stated minimum cash out amount required to utilise the redemption code. However, the prevailing cash out fee will be applicable on amounts exceeding the stated amount thereafter.
  • Once a redemption code has been applied, the transaction cannot be reversed.
  • Redemption codes cannot be stacked with any other offers or promotions. Only one redemption code can be applied in a single transaction.
  • To qualify as a successful referee, the agent must: (i) sign up for a LytePay account during the campaign period using the referral link or code provided by the referrer; and (ii) complete their agency verification before the campaign end date.
  • The redemption code is strictly non-transferrable and can only be used for cash outs with LytePay.
  • Upon usage of the $500 Free Cash Out Voucher, the referrer will receive a bonus $5 eCapitaVoucher within 8 weeks of the cash out date.
  • All incentives are non-transferable, non-replaceable and non-exchangeable for another item or returned for cash, credit, and any other item in whole or in part, and if lost or stolen.
  • LytePay makes no representation or warranty as to the bonus eCapitaVoucher. Any dispute about prizes must be resolved with the supplier of the prize, subject to the terms & conditions and decisions set forth by the supplier of the prize.


  • Failure to fulfil any one of the above terms will result in the property agent’s ineligibility to participate in this promotion.
  • LytePay reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to terminate this Promotion at any time, and/or vary the terms and conditions governing this Promotion from time to time. LytePay’s decision on all matters relating to this Promotion will be at its reasonable discretion and will be final and binding on all customers. This promotion is not valid with other promotions unless otherwise expressly stated.
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