All-in-one financial management for the busy freelancers

Spend less time on admin and focus on what you really do best.

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Manage your finances like a boss all in one place

Minimise admin time. Maximise creativity.

Invoicing like a boss

Why waste precious time on admin tasks? Lyte helps you create and send professional invoices, set up automated reminders, and receive real-time payment updates. And it’s totally free of charge!

Invoice with a breeze

Track payments & get paid on time

Track invoices and payments in real-time, and automate reminders to clients.

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Boost for freelancers

Planning for the longer term? Boost gives you up to 6% cash rewards on your income. Choose your lock-in period and amount, and see your cash grow. No strings attached.

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How does Boost work for freelancers?

01Send an invoice​

Send an invoice to your client via LytePay. Once your client has paid, you can start Boosting your invoice!​

02Boost your paid invoice​

Simply decide how much you want to Boost, choose the commitment period, and submit the Boost request.​

03Watch your earnings grow​

Earn cash rewards on your Boosted amount upon completion of the commitment period.​

04Enjoy your cash rewards​

Your Boosted amount and Boost rewards will be transferred to your Lyte-registered bank account on the Boost end date. Love the rewards? Simply request to Re-Boost!​

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Hear from Lyte users

Julius Pang

Design Advisor

Super convenient and user-centric approach! Definitely saved me from the trouble of manually drafting revisions of quotation and invoice for my clients in the past. Now I can spend less time doing business admin and focus more time on designing for my clients instead!

Rauf Zukiflee Soh

Designer & Brand Strategist

LytePay has a simple and easy to use user interface. Breezed through my first invoice without any complications. The right tool for businesses of all sizes!

Ricky Chelliah

ERA Senior Director

Late commissions means my business plans get pushed back. Kudos to ERA and LytePay, our cash flow problems have been solved and we can have better clarity on our marketing plans without hiccups.