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Advanced commission payment

No more waiting months for your commission. With Advance, you’ll receive your commission within 3-5 business days.

Only pay a flat percentage fee

We’re 100% transparent about our fees. You pay a fixed percentage of what you cash out, and you’ll never be charged any interest.

Risk-free on credit score

Using LytePay will never impact your Total Debt Serving Ratio (TDSR) and credit score.

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How does Advance work?

01Close a deal

Seal the deal and you're already one step closer to securing your commission in advance with Lyte.​

02Request for Advance

No more waiting months for your hard-earned commission. Simply decide how much commission you want to advance and submit the request.​

03Get paid early​

In as fast as 1 business day, receive your requested commission via FAST transfer. You will also receive an email and SMS notification.​

04​Repayment is automated​

Your agency will deduct the amount you've advanced from your next incoming commission based on a first-in, first-out repayment to Lyte. Don't worry, this is done automatically between your agency and Lyte.​

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Testimonials from the real estate agents

Alice Chan

ERA Real Estate Agent

I was quite surprised that the procedure has been very smooth and efficient. The application was trouble-free and the handling of the pay out was very professional and pleasant. Thank you LytePay.

Gabriel Wu

ERA Real Estate Agent

Our commissions take 6-9 months to be paid to us. But with LytePay, I can advance my commissions within 1 business day.​ This flexibility has helped me grow my business and investments faster.​ Highly recommend fellow agents to give it a try!

Dennis Koh

ERA Real Estate Agent

LytePay is a convenient and easy-to-use platform to help self-employed agents like myself to cash out my receivable payment in advance for my business operation.