To All the Real Estate Agents that are Not Just a Parent, But Also A Child

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Are you in the sandwich generation? It’s certainly not easy to stay focused on your real estate hustle, and still shoulder the financial weight of caring for both your parents and children. In fact, with more than 96% of real estate agents in Singapore aged 30 and above, you are not…

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How Powerful Compound Interest Really Is​

how powerful compound interest really is

Did you know that history’s most brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein, described compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world? So, what exactly is this wonder that captivated Einstein’s mind? In simple terms, compound interest is interest on interest, a snowball effect that accelerates the growth of your money over…

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Top 3 Costly Mistakes that First-Year Real Estate Agents Make

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For first-year real estate agents, the initial path has its fair share of challenges. Even Stacked Homes’ Partner, Ryan Ong, wasn’t spared the financial struggles and learning curves that new agents face. In fact, statistics reveal that many agents leave the profession early in their journey. Back in 2012, there…

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Building a Strong Personal Brand as a Property Agent in Singapore

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Are you a property agent in Singapore looking to establish a strong personal brand? In today’s competitive real estate market, building a powerful personal brand can make all the difference in attracting clients, generating leads, and standing out from the competition. This article will guide you through the essential steps…

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The Art of Property Presentation: Tips for Property Agents in Singapore for a Successful Sale

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Are you a property agent in Singapore looking to enhance your skills in property presentation? The way you present a property can greatly influence potential buyers or tenants. Effective property presentations can make a significant difference in attracting and securing clients. Let’s explore the art of property presentation and provide…

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Effective Time Management Strategies for Property Agents in Singapore: Boost Productivity and Close Deals

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In the fast-paced and competitive real estate market of Singapore, time management is crucial for property agents to stay productive, meet client demands, and close deals efficiently. This article explores five comprehensive time management strategies to help you optimise your time and achieve success in Singapore’s dynamic market. 1. Prioritise…

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Mastering Negotiation Skills as a Property Agent in Singapore: Effective Strategies and Tactics

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In a dynamic and competitive real estate market like Singapore, negotiation skills are crucial for property agents to excel and succeed. Whether it’s closing deals with potential buyers, convincing sellers to set realistic prices, or navigating complex transactions, the ability to negotiate effectively can make all the difference. In this…

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Property Presentation Tips to Attract Buyers and Boost Sales

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In the vibrant real estate market of Singapore, property presentation plays a pivotal role in attracting buyers and achieving faster sales. Property agents have the opportunity to showcase properties effectively through staging and presentation techniques that can make a significant impact on potential buyers. In this article, we will explore…

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Financial Solutions Comparison for Property Agents in Singapore: LytePay vs. Credit Cards vs Personal Loans vs Moneylenders

Property Agent Singapore FInancial Solution: LytePay vs Loans vs Credit Card vs Credit Line vs Moneylenders

“Late commissions means my business plans get pushed back. Kudos to ERA and LytePay, our cash flow problems are solved. We now have a clearer vision for our marketing plans, free from any hiccups.” – Ricky Chelliah (R001390D), Senior Marketing Director, ERA Singapore When it comes to accessing immediate funds…

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