Maximise Your Tax Relief and Secure Your Financial Future with Our Financial Calculator!

At Lyte, our goal is to be your partner in securing your financial future. As such, we’ve prepared a useful tool which takes the guesswork out of CPF, and helps you make informed decisions on how to maximise tax relief and grow a nest egg through CPF top-ups. With our…

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Tax Reliefs and Rebates You Might Not Know

tax reliefs and rebates you might not know

Did you know that in Singapore, there are various personal reliefs and rebates that could potentially reduce your income tax by up to $80,000? Filing taxes can be a maze of confusion, especially for self-employed individuals like real estate agents. Although your agency usually assists in submitting your income data…

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To All the Real Estate Agents that are Not Just a Parent, But Also A Child

an image with text

Are you in the sandwich generation? It’s certainly not easy to stay focused on your real estate hustle, and still shoulder the financial weight of caring for both your parents and children. In fact, with more than 96% of real estate agents in Singapore aged 30 and above, you are not…

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How Powerful Compound Interest Really Is​

how powerful compound interest really is

Did you know that history’s most brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein, described compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world? So, what exactly is this wonder that captivated Einstein’s mind? In simple terms, compound interest is interest on interest, a snowball effect that accelerates the growth of your money over…

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Top 3 Costly Mistakes that First-Year Real Estate Agents Make

An illustration of a pair of hands opening a wallet

For first-year real estate agents, the initial path has its fair share of challenges. Even Stacked Homes’ Partner, Ryan Ong, wasn’t spared the financial struggles and learning curves that new agents face. In fact, statistics reveal that many agents leave the profession early in their journey. Back in 2012, there…

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Building a Strong Personal Brand as a Property Agent in Singapore

two males in a meeting room discussion

Are you a property agent in Singapore looking to establish a strong personal brand? In today’s competitive real estate market, building a powerful personal brand can make all the difference in attracting clients, generating leads, and standing out from the competition. This article will guide you through the essential steps…

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