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Advance for property agents​

Need extra cash to reinvest in your business? Get paid in as fast as 1 business day.​

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Effortless invoicing. Timely payments. An automatic and simple invoicing solution.​

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Planning for the longer term? Boost gives you up to 7% cash rewards on your income. Choose your lock-in period and amount, and see your cash grow. No strings attached.

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How does Advance work for property agents?

01Close a deal

Seal the deal and get rewarded! With Lyte, closing a project means you're one step closer to securing your commission advance.

02Request for Advance

No more waiting around for your hard-earned commission. Simply submit a request for advance payment with Lyte and get paid now.

03Collect your cash

With Lyte, your success is our top priority. We work with property agencies to ensure your commissions are paid on time, every time.

04Keep your balance

Take control of your cashflow with Lyte. We'll handle the commission payments, and any remaining balance will be paid or deducted according to your needs.

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