Empowering Property Agents: Lyte’s Game-Changing Commission Advances for ERA and PropNex

As a property agent, waiting for months to receive your hard-earned commission can be a significant challenge, impacting your financial stability and growth. However, with Lyte’s Advance service, you can now overcome these delays and access your commissions within a single business day. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and hello to timely payouts that empower your business success.

Instant access to your locked commission

You no longer have to endure the frustration of waiting for months to receive your commission. With Lyte’s Advance service, you can access your hard-earned money within just one business day. Imagine the relief of having your funds available swiftly, allowing you to cover your business expenses, personal bills, or invest in your professional growth without delays.

Lyte understands the importance of timely access to commissions, and we make it our priority to ensure that you receive your money promptly, enabling you to manage your finances effectively and seize opportunities when they arise.

Hassle-free sign-up process

Signing up to Lyte is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. We integrate with SingPass to provide a smooth and pain-free verification process. We also integrate directly with ERA and PropNex system for automatic verification.

One transparent and flat fee

Lyte believes in providing complete transparency when it comes to fees. With only one flat-free of 4.5% of advance amount (eg. $45 fee for $1,000 advance), you can withdraw your commissions at anytime. No hidden costs, no unexpected surprises.

This transparent fee structure gives you full control over your finances, allowing you to make informed decisions about accessing your funds without worrying about additional financial burdens. Unlike traditional financing options, LytePay doesn’t charge interest or recurring fees. It’s your hard-earned money, and LytePay ensures that you can access it without any unnecessary expenses.

Credit score protection

Maintaining a healthy credit score is crucial for your financial well-being. The great news is that when you utilize Lyte’s commission advance service, your credit score and Total Debt Serving Ratio (TDSR) remain unaffected.

You can access your commissions without worrying about any negative impact on your financial reputation. Lyte understands the importance of your creditworthiness and ensures that using their services won’t hinder your future borrowing capabilities. Feel confident and secure as you leverage Lyte to access your commissions, knowing that your credit score remains intact and you can continue to build a solid financial foundation for your future endeavors.

Flexibility and customization

Recognizing that every property agent’s needs are unique, Lyte offers a flexible and customizable approach to commission advances.

You have the freedom to select the advance amount based on their requirements, whether you need a small boost or a more substantial injection of funds. This level of flexibility empowers you to tailor the service to your specific financial circumstances, allowing you to maintain control over your cash flow. With the ability to choose the timing and amount of the commission advance, property agents like yourself can optimize your financial resources and seize lucrative opportunities as they arise.

Dedicated customer success and support

Lyte takes pride in providing exceptional customer success and support to property agents throughout their engagement.

Our knowledgeable and responsive team is readily available to address any queries or concerns agents may have. Whether it’s clarifying the sign-up process, discussing the terms and conditions, or providing assistance during the payout phase, Lyte’s customer success team ensures a seamless experience for you. This personalized approach demonstrates Lyte’s commitment to building long-term relationships with you and establishing trust within the real estate community.

Accelerate your property agent career success

Don’t let delayed commission payments hold you back from achieving your goals. With Lyte’s Advance service, you can accelerate your success by accessing your hard-earned commissions within just one business day.

Say goodbye to frustrating waiting periods and hello to swift payouts that empower your financial stability. Enjoy the transparency of one-time fees, without any hidden costs or recurring charges. Rest assured that utilizing Lyte won’t negatively impact your credit score or TDSR. It’s time to break free from the constraints of delayed payments and embrace the opportunities that come with timely access to your well-deserved commissions.

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